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Letting Go

Karin Schweitzer, Relindis Hasse, Barbara Lerch
ISBN: 978-3-86332-300-4
Spieldauer: 58 Minuten
Preis: 19,90€
Genre: Musik
Ausstattung: Jewel Case
Größe: 12 x 12 cm
Spieldauer: 57 Min.

Bilateral Music
Bilateral Music was originally designed for use with EMDR clients. The music is shifting back and forth from one ear to the other in order to stimulate and to harmonize our brain hemispheres.

Bilateral Music has a positive effect not only in trauma therapy. It is an effective tool for self-regulation: it helps you coping with stress, stimulating the energy to achieve your goals, initiating the changes you want, focussing your attention.